• Alexander Graham Bell: Things You Did Not Know About Him

    Portrait of Bell

    Without any doubts, all of us know that Alexander Graham Bell is an outstanding inventor whose device has completely changed our life. It is impossible to imagine a modern person’s routine without this thing. Of course, his descendants have improved it but the main concept still belongs to Bell.

    However, besides this invention, this man had lots of interesting facts in his biography, and you probably know nothing about them. They may be used in your great paper about Alexander Graham Bell or to complete a test on different inventors and scientists. Anyway, this information is important for students who wish to get an excellent grade for their work.

    That is why our team have compiled the most interesting and significant points from Bell’s life.

    Visible Speech System

    Alexander Graham Bell was inspired by deaf people. He tried to help them to communicate and his grandfather even developed a visible speech system. Probably the desire to support the disabled was the major impulse for his hard work, on which he spent lots of time and efforts.

    By the way, the inventor’s mother and wife were deaf. So, there is no wonder why Bell was dedicated to the idea to help them live a full life and let them hear in another specific way. Moreover, he even opened a special school for deaf students.

    Mother’s Influence

    It is a well-known fact that Alexander was born in the family of speech teachers. Hence, he was interested in this sphere from his early years. However, what made him work a lot on his telephone and help deaf people? They say that Bell was under the great influence of his mother. This woman was outstanding.

    Despite being deaf, she became a talented and amazing pianist. Probably this was one of the main things which inspired him to work. He understood that deafness is not a dead-end and there is the way of dealing with this problem, as well as a possibility to reach goals and become successful. It might be an important impulse not to give up and to go on despite difficulties and failures. That is what Alexander Bell might believe in, and the reason why he succeeded.

    Talented Teacher

    As we have already mentioned, Bell established a special school for deaf students. However, he did not just organize this study process but took an active part in educating disabled young people. He even became professor of the Boston University’s School of Oratory. Bell also taught Helen Keller, who later became a very famous personality. Moreover, while being a teaching at his school, this great inventor met his future wife who probably inspired him to create a telephone, as Bell said.

    Telephone for Love

    Bell’s Wife

    Have you ever though why Bell worked on this invention? There is a popular story that the main reason for his hard efforts and the time he dedicated to this device was love. Unfortunately, the great scientist had no chance to marry his soul mate for a long time because he was poor.

    However, after things changed for better and he established his own company, Bell finally realized his dream. It is true that as a wedding present he gave his new wife almost all his shares in Bell Telephone Company. There is also a story that he kept his wife’s photo on which there was the following inscription: “the girl for whom the telephone was invented”.

    The Secret of Human Flight

    After Bell could make good living thanks to the income from his company, he developed an interest in the human flight. He did several experiments with kites and founded an association which was engaged into some important surveys concerning the invention of flying machines. One of their most significant works was the creation of Silver Dart. It was the first machine which made a powered flight in Canada so famous.

    Bell made a huge contribution not only to the communication system between people, which is still used today, but also to the development of flying machines.

    Summer House in Canada


    Alexander Bell had a summer house on Cape Breton Island in Canada. In the late years of his life, he became seriously interested in flights and possibilities to invent some new devices for this purpose, as we have mentioned above. However, the majority of his experiments were done not in a laboratory but near his summer house, right on the yard. That was the place where he first tried to experiment with kites. Then he decided to create the machine which could carry a person.

    He died on Cape Breton Island in 1922. That was a moment of silence in the whole country. The telephone system of communication did not work as well to honor Alexander Bell.

    It is truly hard to overestimate a huge contribution to science and humanity development made by Alexander Graham Bell. Not only did he invent the telephone, which became the basis for many devices we are using now and without which we cannot imagine our lives.

    This outstanding man also worked on many other projects and did not stop his activity as an inventor until his last years. He always explored new spheres. Having created a telephone, he proceeded with developing flying machines. It sounds amazing how one person could have done so many useful things for the humanity. There are no doubts that this inventor deserves respect and appreciation.


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