• Brilliant Paper About Mark Zuckerberg: His Life Besides Facebook

    Person Using Facebook

    It is true that almost everyone is involved in social networks nowadays: everyone from your younger siblings to your grandparents. Still, the most active users are surely students. Although there is a variety of such networks, they mostly prefer Facebook with millions of accounts and billions of dollars of the income.

    Some young people might wish to live at least one day as the creator of this network. However, not all of them know about this life as it really is. Some even say that it is an easy task to launch a website and make it popular. Nevertheless, it demands outstanding talent and good skills.

    It may be not that necessary to be a good programmer, but you need creative abilities and enough knowledge to do this. For example, Steve Jobs did not write any code but established one of the most powerful companies.

    Zuckerberg’s life story is not as simple as we may think. So, if you are going to write a paper about this man, you should be aware of several significant things which have played a huge role in his life.

    The First Programming Experience

    Probably childhood is the most important part of every person’s life. At this time any experience can become a serious hobby and even future career. The same thing happened to Mark Zuckerberg. His father worked as a dentist in a cabinet attached to their house.

    Once his parents gave him a present. It was a book on programming for dummies. That was how young Mark developed a true interest in this sphere and, maybe, it became one of the reasons why he actively involved into this sphere. The first program he created was intended for his father’s work. It could help a secretary to message to her boss and inform him about new clients.

    Young Genius

    Young Genius

    Mark took some classes in computer science and his parents even hired a tutor for him. However, he quickly gave up his learning, because he could do more than his tutors could teach him to do. It proved his talent. While being a school student, Zuckerberg had several job offerings from famous, including Microsoft. Although it might have been a truly beneficial prospect for him as for a programmer, the young boy rejected all of them.

    Movie About Zuckerberg

    There is even a movie devoted to this famous web developed. It is actually an illustration of how Facebook was created and of Mark’s personal life. The film was very popular among young people and many of them were inspired by it. However, Zuckerberg is not a big fan of The Social Network. He told in one of his interviews that many details were shown inaccurately and unclearly. At the same time, he agrees that there are some things pictured in a true and reliable way. It is an interesting fact that all shirts in the film worn by the main hero are similar to those which Zuckerberg had or has.


    Person Donating Money

    There are no doubts that Mark Zuckerberg is one of the greatest philanthropists. He donates large sums of money to charity. There are lots of examples of such cases. The Facebook creator helped to renew the school system in New Jersey by giving one hundred million for the innovation. He also donated 25 million for the fight against Ebola in Africa. He signed a “Gates Giving Pledge” together with Bill Gates. In this way, he promised to give the half of his wealth to charity.

    Unexpected Marriage

    Probably everyone saw Zuckerberg’s photos with his wife. Priscilla Chan was his girlfriend for a long time and they decided to marry finally. However, their celebration was not usual. Actually, all guests were invited to a party related to Priscilla’s graduation from a medical college. Only after they all had come, it was revealed that this was a marriage party. It is important to mention that Zuckerberg’s wife is also a philanthropist. Together they have promised to donate the 99% of their wealth to the organization created by themselves which targets different medical, social and other problems demanding urgent solutions.

    Vegetarian Diet and No TV

    According to some sources, there is no TV at Zuckerberg’s house. He prefers to read and his favorite book is Ender’s Game. The same advice can be given to the majority of students. It is impossible to develop anything good without dedicating your time and efforts to it. Television will just distract you. As many other famous people, Mark also follows a vegetarian diet and claims that he will eat meat only if he kills an animal himself. He owns a dog as well. It is a Hungarian sheepdog that has its personal page on Facebook with 1.5 million of subscribers. It is huge success for a home pet, which many can only dream of.

    To sum up, there are some significant things which have played an important role in Zuckerberg’s life. It is not easy to complete a good paper about this person. However, you can make it really good by adding more interesting facts about him. They can become a great basis for your essay. Read books and watch films inspired by this web genius. They can help you not only to write a brilliant paper, but also to reach your goals.


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