• How to Ensure a Solid and Calm Sleep: Some Tricks

    Have you ever suffered from insomnia? Alternatively, have you ever had problems with your sleep? Is your head always full of unnecessary thoughts? Agree that it is hard to sleep when something bothers you. It is not a secret that almost all of us, especially college students, have such a problem. So, how can you get over this issue and guarantee yourself some colorful dreams?

    1.     Good Sleep? What is This?

    We all know that our mood and well-being depend on the quality and length of our sleep. Moreover, it is not a secret for all of us that a good and durable sleep plays a huge role in creating our day and “programming” our behavior. When you experience a lack of nice sleep, your conduct is full of irritation, hate and disgrace. You are always in search of a cup of coffee. Everyone annoys you. Every tiny problem becomes a huge issue for you. Therefore, it is better to have a nice night’s rest.

    Sleeping Man

    Despite the comprehension that every person needs a solid sleep, we often forget about this when it comes to practice. In daily bustle, we often sit late at a computer, talk too long over the handy, or chat with friends or just surf on the Internet without any motive. In addition, these things steal several hours of our proper rest. This happens almost every day until some health problems appear or the ability to work reduces.

    We offer you some effective recommendations on how to prepare for sleep in order to provide your body with a good rest.

    8 Friends of a Good Sleep

    1.     Air the Room

    The first thing to be done before you go to bed is the aeration of the place where you are going to sleep. Make sure the air in the room is fresh and a little cool because the fresh air helps your brain to work better. The best temperature is about 16-24 ° C. That is why if you want to have a sound sleep, you should ventilate your room during 10-30 minutes before you go to the bed.

    2.     Light Level

    The best environment for a person to see the colorful dreams is to sleep in the absolute darkness. If, for instance, the light of streetlights or the moon finds a way to shine right into your room, you can purchase stiff somber curtains or a mask for sleep (made of natural textile). However, there such people that are afraid to sleep in absolute darkness. So, what to do? Buy a night lamp. It will turn your nighttime into a safer place. Its soft glow can take away all fears.

    Night Lamp

    3.     Protection from Noise

    If you are a very sensitive person and react to the smallest sherry outside the window or even to the singing of birds, it is better to get comfortable earplugs that will protect you from spontaneous noise intrusions.

    4.     Comfortable Bed

    A lot of depends on the bed. You should take care to gain comfortable pillows and mattress. When we speak about the mattress, the best one is considered orthopedic. However, some people (especially the elderly) say they cannot get used to it. In such cases, get a stiff cotton mattress that will smooth out the bed surface.

    What about the pillow? First of all, it should support your neck in its natural position. If you prefer to sleep on your back, you will need to come up with a more subtle one, if on the side, it is better to have a higher, fuller pillow. Pay attention to the textile from which the pillow is made. It is best to have a synthetic one because a natural one will accumulate dust and bacteria. However, the synthetic case may cause excess heating of your scalp.

    The bedclothes should also not be stifling or slippery; preferably, it should be made from natural textiles.

    5.     What to Drink Before the Sleep?

    If you work up to late night and your ability to work depends heavily on coffee, remember the main rule that you can drink the last cup in 1-2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, you will cause a redundant energy surge in your body, and then it will be hard for you to fall asleep.

    It will be appropriate to mention some drinks that can help you to fall asleep quicker: tea with chamomile, mint or a herbal blend, a glass of warm milk with a spoon of honey, etc.

    Cup of Green Tea

    6.     What to Eat Before the Sleep?

    In order to sleep better it is useful to replace a full dinner with a light snack. If you follow this advice, you will avoid excessive loading on the digestive system and you will feel better and sleep soundly.

    7.     Clothes

    The main thing for you to remember is that clothes for your solid sleep has to be made of natural material. What more, it should be comfortable and during you sleep it should not twist and should not press the body.

    8.     How to Fall Asleep?

    Make a kind of ritual in your life before you go to the bed. This may be the evening promenade in the open air or it can be a warm bath with scent oils (for instance, a lavender oil which helps to combat with insomnia) or to read some book, etc. The principal thing is little by little “to program the body” that during this procedure the body is preparing for sleep. Like any habit, such a ritual will “fix” only in 21 days and the results will please you much earlier.


    And, finally, if you cannot fall asleep but just turn from side to side, get up better do something nice for a few moments (listen to delicate music, turn over some pages of your favorite magazine). Do not force yourself to sleep, just forget about this. The body will prompt that it is ready for sleep.

    As a bonus: some pieces of advice from MAYO CLINIC AND 6 steps to a better sleep can be found here.

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