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    How to write a paper in college? How to get many friends on your first week of orientation? How to choose your courses? As you see, there are many questions that leave students feeling fearful about college. They all merge into one big question, how to behave in college to be successful? There are two main patterns of behavior: following the flow, or being creative. Doing what everyone does is easy enough, and it will present you an easy and steady path of behavior. However, being a little creative and out of the ordinary will surprisingly bring you many benefits, including advantages for your studying. In just a few paragraphs you will find out how its done.

    Be Creative

    Being creative means turning away from that asphalted road into a curvy path in the woods. You may get a shortcut or lose yourself in the black forest, but you will definitely encounter some sort of adventure. Leaving your mind open for experiments and out of the box brainstorming can be a useful skill long after you graduate. So, here are some ways to find that most desired path.

    What If?

    This is a great question that helps you stay creative in any situation. Whether you are making tomato soup or writing an essay about the bone structure of mammoths, a “what if?” question can always add a little bit of creativity in your work. Instead of following the recipe or the instructions of your TA, why not experiment a little? What will happen if you add a little bit of oregano, some rosemary or croutons? You could write about the bone structure, but what if you did it in comparison with the modern day elephant? Such an essay would certainly leave a much clear impression on your reader, even if it did not keep exactly to your subject at hand.

    Opposite Effect

    Instead of following the precise order of how something is done, try approaching the problem from the opposite side. Instead of bringing a boring old black pen to your lecture, bring a dozen colored ones, and see how your mood instantly brightens. Instead of writing about the benefits of recycling, which everyone knows anyway, you could write about the harm of non-recycling in vivid details, and provoke discussion and awareness. A different approach leads to different conclusions, as each person can be influenced in a different way.

    Jumble the Elements


    Soup, salad, main and then dessert. Doesn’t it get boring after a while? Why not start with dessert? Jumbling up the elements will certainly add a creative touch to your every day activity. And this concerns your homework too. There is nothing more mind blowing than starting your detective story with the words “I am the killer. And this is my story.” Try this approach when you do not know how to start a task: do only what you want first, and then the rest. You do not have to follow the precise structure each time to be successful. If you are still looking for creative inspiration tips, you may find them here.

    Benefits for Studying

    These may all seem like good ideas to stay fit on the creative track, but what does creativity have to do will college? You may think that college is a place where everyone goes to classes, studies, does homework assignments and follows the flow in any way he can. You may be surprised. Being creative and trying different approaches can greatly benefit not only your studying, but also your whole life in general.


    There are some people who religiously follow their day to day routine. They will look at their wristwatches, write down schedules and make notes of every task they need to complete in the next few hours. It is good to be organized, however, you may not take it lightly when something goes awry in your perfect plans. Being creative allows you to have space for doubt, for experiment, for another shortcut. It teaches you flexibility and the adaptability to change. Even if you do not do your essay now, and instead practice making origami, you can always finish it later, and get some new ideas along the way.

    Problem Solving

    Rubik’s Cube

    If you are used to the fact that there is only one single right answer and one way to get it, you might encounter great difficulty in your studies and in your further life. Some questions do not have answers at all, some contain multiple ones, often contradictory. There are multiple approaches to solving a problem. An experiment involving several students was carried out: they were asked to list all the ways that you could use a single old shoe. The more points on the list, including “using it as a flower pot” and “nailing it to the wall as decoration” the more creative the students were, and, as a result, the more ways they saw to solving a problem.

    Study Group Sessions

    A lot of students are vary of study groups and tasks that should be carried out by a group. Sure, but with a little bit of creativity, your study group sessions can turn out to be the most treasured memories you will make at college. How? Just add a little bit of creativity. Announce the roles that each member is going to take: the knight is responsible for the quest of gathering information, the joker for making a fun presentation, the dragon to criticize the result and improve the product, the wizard to charm the whole parts of the project together, and so on. With a little bit of fun your project will turn out to be a fun adventure that will not only bring you laughter, but also the best environment to study.

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