• Cultural Diversity as a Social Phenomenon

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    This writing will touch the theme of differences and similarity of cultural aspects. The aim was to show the mutual sides of the world’s nations using various ways. Besides, there are conditions we distinguish people with, which are brought by the social experience. Mostly, this experience is negative because the humanity currently faces many racism struggles. The essay will be based on our previous writing, which discovered the notion “Moral” in our life.

    Historical Aspect

    Everyone knows the myth about Babylon. In ancient times people talked the same language and lived in one place. There were no cultural diversity and no problems with communication. However, they decided to build a tower to God and once failed. Since that time, the humanity of the Earth talks different languages and struggles which nation is better. Maybe, the hidden sense is that each person has the own path in life. Sure, he/she lives in the society and has to get along with others in the cultural group, but the own life is supposed to bring the own experience.

    Be Careful: He Is Different

    Nowadays, the migration of people is very wide. It means, they go abroad looking for work or education. Finally, they settle in another land having family and friends. It a common practice to have mixed families.

    Besides, the scientists have proved that children from such mixed families are cleverer than other teenagers.

    People from Eastern lands bring the diversity into European countries mostly. Now it is no wonder to meet an Arabian walking the street in Paris. Also, it would be unfair to say he is different or point toward him. Kids from the childhood know that people with different outward appearance are the same.

    Struggles Against Racism

    However, there are occasions when people of one nation show the racism towards another one. Mostly, it happens in personal space. It means they show unrespect to people with another skin color or origin.

    It is good there are no language issues because English is the source of international communication. Also, the education in civilized countries does not differ people by appearance giving grants and scholarships to students of different nations.

    Forms of struggles

    Many demonstrations take place in the Western world due to racism problems. They began to be especially spread after the Syria war. Nevertheless, there are certain laws, which regulate the society norms according to migrants and just foreigners.

    The bright example can be found in the USA when the country was adapting to Afro-Americans who wanted to be people, not the slaves.

    In politics

    Nowadays, there is a tendency not to mention the origin in the context. The nationality is also defined by the country a person was born in. It is an essential step of avoiding the racial conflicts. For example, many Afro-Americans are native USA citizens, who were born there, whose parents have been living in this country for years.

    The best pattern is probably Barak Obama – the man, who was elected the USA president twice. He reveals not only a tolerant and objective attitude towards people with the dark skin but also the idea that all people are equal. The humanity should remember no one is born a racist. The problem is inside each person, not in the surrounding.

    In art

    The music of B. B. King or Louis Armstrong still finds much recognition and appreciation among people across the world. Their songs are the best pattern of an ideal combination of mood and sound. They had many followers and fans in music, who brought or developed the African motives in music. This challenge made it absolutely unique and impressive.

    In cinema

    Nowadays, probably the most popular and demanding actor is Omar Si. He is Afro-American, who was born in France, whose work in the field of art was awarded Caesar Award. His roles are full of joy and character, his life is colorful. His color of skin is a very beneficial peculiarity because Omar is original. So far, everyone should get the same opportunities for personal realization.

    The Portrait

    How to Accept Equality

    People should stay informed of what the equality is. Making this notion a part of the general educational process will improve the social standards in some time. Equality should be accepted with the help of art and its forms.

    Also, advertisement and mass media are the most popular ways of sharing the information. So, it may be useful to add there a part of info about this social issue. It would stand for a great motivation for people to realize the problem and then accept it.

    Cultural Information War

    Giving description

    Do you know what the propaganda is? It is a powerful source of sharing the information declaring only the one idea to be right. People are introduced to convenient arguments, which are repeated more than twice. So, even if they had another opinion on some issues, it would be ruined as a result of propaganda.

    This method was very popular in the times of War. However, there are local wars around the globe. So, only needed pieces of information are shown to people.

    Cultural side

    There are many opinions on Eastern colonization of the Europe. It means the migrations take place due to work or studying. However, there are some predictions that European cultural heritage will disappear under the influence of the Eastern one.

    Besides, for example, Arabian language is very spread in France, we hear it in music more and more often. Also, mix-racial marriages are very common nowadays. There is an essential part of people who do not understand these changes and do not accept them.

    Country’s Landscapes

    Nevertheless, this is a form of cultural diversity, is not it?

    Meet the Diversity by Yourself

    Traveling is the best way to persuade oneself that the world is wonderful in the diversity. Discovering the Eastern countries may bring clearness to the problem and broaden the mind for sure.

    Meet people, your teenagers from other countries and get to know the culture from their own lips.

    To conclude, the purpose of this essay was to disclosure the problem of cultural diversity, to show it is not an issue but the attractive peculiarity of the routine living. The main choice of attitude is for each person, but even a small step can make an essential difference.

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