• How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Your Father

    It is a bit tricky that teachers give writing of essays as home task because nobody likes to do it. Agree, that even those who like writing cannot stand essays, especially on a given topic. If you have to write a descriptive essay about your father but do not know how to cope with it, you are lucky, because you are going to read some useful information in this article about how to write a brilliant essay.

    A Reminder

    Topically, that is not a usual reminder. It is one that will help you to write essay. That can be things that will remind you about something linked to your dad, a memory or a story. You see, it is easy to forget about something you want to include into the essay, but having something directly near you will remind to write an extra word, sentence or even paragraph.


    Photo in Frame

    It is really good if you find a photo of your father or take one right before starting the paper. Make sure that you can clearly see his face features and body. It would be precious if you make or find a full height photo. The matter is that describing your father’s appearance is one of the most important parts of any descriptive essay. So that, a photo is a crucial thing as without it you can forget about something interesting or unusual about your father.

    You may think that you know how your dad looks. “I see him every day” is what you might think. But the truth is that we often tend to ignore little details or even something important. For example, try to describe your father’s eyes without a picture. Blue, not too big, wearing glasses. Then, try to do it while looking at the picture and here is what you might get:

    “My dad has blue eyes, and when the sun shines they seem to be brighter than any sea. He wears glasses, and this makes the look a bit distant, as if he can see right trough you, and you cannot get behind the glass wall. You would expect the lashes to be light, but they are dark brown, making his almond-shaped eyes really stand out on the face. I can only imagine, how handsome he used to be when he was a bit younger.”

    Ask About Some Interesting Facts

    Child Talking with Father

    In order to write a good essay you can do whatever what can help you cope with this task. Therefore, it is a great idea to talk with your father. Tell about this home task. Ask him to tell a story which can complete your essay. You can even ask about a self-characteristic. Believe, your father will definitely help you because he wants you to get a good mark. Moreover, it can help him to leave boring daily routine for a while, so he will be thankful.

    Talk About Father

    If you want to write a good essay, ask your father’s best friend, a neighbor or your mother to say something about your dad. That can be their attitude to him and his work, some character traits that they respect and whatnot. Believe, after doing this you will not only be prepared to write this essay, you will be inspired to write it. That is really good because an inspired person can make miracles.

    Eat Something You Like

    You are going to work using your brain and it cannot work for a long time without food like a car cannot drive without fuel. In case you have to write an essay, eat something you like most. You can also go for a little walk or just open a window because fresh air is useful for your brain activity.

    Relax and Start Working

    Having rest before working is obligatory as after it brain activity raises up and you are more likely to write a wonderful essay. So, sit down and close your eyes only for 30 seconds. Let all your thoughts leave your head. Then open your eyes and feel the energy and desire to make something great.

    The Beginning

    Writing Child

    Start your essay with usual information about your family and then make clear the topic you are writing on. For example, start with saying that like most of children in this world you have a family. Tell with whom you live, how many persons does your family include and what you appreciate most about it. After that it is logical for you to say that you want to tell about one of family members whom you like very much, namely, about your father.

    The Main Body

    This part is the most important as there has to be everything about your father. Here are some tips and pieces of advice for you which will help to cope with essay.

    • Begin with the main information. That is first name, second name, age, place of birth and where he lives now. You see, this is mostly the information one can find in your father’s passport. It is brilliant if you begin with these things not only because it sets the background, but will also play as contrasting to how your dad is perceived by others and you. The thing is that the reader might imagine your dad in a different way first, and then will realize how far the passport details are from the real person.
    • After your teacher knows that this person exists, it is high time to describe the appearance. Begin with his height. Then, say something about his body. For example, he can be a broad shouldered muscular man or a paunchy one. You can say that you like his strong arms or legs.

    After this you may describe his hair. Write about his wonderful hair or a shining bald head. Do not forget to mention the color of his hair. Describe his face. Are there any wrinkles or scars? Say something about his eyes, nose and lips. It would be good if you write some words about his skin tone. Say what you like the most about his face. For example, you like those bright green eyes or a straight nose.

    • You have to remember that your father is the best and is a wonderful person. Say how kind he is, how hard-working and friendly he seems. In order to make your essay more honest, write about one not good character trait. Maybe he can be stubborn or a bit bossy. Say which traits are similar to yours. You can also mention which traits you would add or take.
    • Working place. It is good if you describe who your father is. Name his profession and where he works. Mention whether he likes or dislikes his job and explain why. Say if you want to have a similar job or if you are more likely to choose something else. In case your father does not work, say what he is doing. Maybe, he is completing one-day tasks or copes with household work.
    • It is crucial to mention father’s hobby as this part makes your essay more interesting. You can even go and ask your father about his hobbies. Maybe he likes gardening or repairing something. In case your father likes watching football with a beer in a hand every now and then, better do not mention this. You have to write about your father with respect and admiration.
    • Do not forget to write how your father likes you and his family, how much time he spends with you. Mention some family traditions like visiting grandparents or hiking at weekend.

    The Last Paragraph

    The ending can be typical. For example, say how much you like your father and if he is an example to follow for you. There is no need to write big sentences, it is enough to write 3 short ones but including necessary information.


    Now, you have enough information to write a brilliant essay. So go and create something awesome!

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