• How to Write a Descriptive Essay About an Grandfather

    Hate school because of home tasks? Is your home task today just the worst? Is it to write a descriptive essay? Do not rush and become sad and disappointed at once, as there is a solution to your problem! In this article you will read how to write a perfect descriptive essay, using various tips and tricks. Believe that your teacher cannot but put the highest mark, after reading your descriptive essay about your grandfather.


    Thinking Child

    If you want to write a brilliant essay, do not start to write it. It sounds tricky and strange, but it is true. Think only, how you can start writing, if you do not know a lot of peculiarities and extraordinary facts about your grandfather. So, that is why you have to gather some amazing information about him. It is obvious that you cannot remember everything at once and get to know more about your relative quickly. That means that you need a plan.

    Create a Plan

    Now you have to take a sheet of paper and start writing. This can be a marked plan or one, which consists of several sentences. That depends on your preferences, namely, what is the most comfortable way for you to do it. So what should be included in this plan? It has to be the people you are going to talk to about your grandpa and the questions at hand. This plan has to be short, but very informative. That is why you have to think thoroughly before creating it.

    Additional tip: note all the answers, especially extraordinary ones. You see, you are going to ask several questions and hear various interesting stories. So you can forget something really amazing because you will get extra information in big doses. That is why you should take a notebook with clear pages and a pen, or an iPad if you have one, of course.

    Gathering Information


    Typically, there are several sources where you can find the information. Now you are going to read some pieces of advice, which can help you with completing this part of preparation of writing a descriptive essay.

    • Speak with your grandfather. It is quite obvious, isn’t it? So, take your plan and notebook and go to your grandparents. Ask your grandpa about his school years, first job, maybe different secrets, which happened in his life. Especially pay attention to ask him about his hobbies, what he prefers, what he likes and dislikes in the surrounding world. For example, what are his favorite people’s character traits, what is his favorite weather and what not. Remember, that the more extraordinary his answers are, the more interesting your essay will be.
    • Ask your parents. They definitely know something fascinating about your grandfather because one of your parents is his child. That means that this person was with him from the very beginning of their life. So, go and communicate with your parents about your grandfather and be sure to get some exciting facts. Do not forget to take a plan and notebook with you!
    • Refresh your memories. That means that you have to remember some exciting stories, which touch only your and grandpa’s life. Note every character trait, which you can identify. That will be precious information for your essay.

    The Beginning

    The beginning is the part where you do not need to make a lot of effort to compose it well. It is enough to write 40-60 words. Moreover, you do not have to write the information about your grandfather, we know that it sounds a bit tricky, but it is true. Write something in general, like that you have wonderful relatives and one of the best is your grandfather. Then say that today you want to introduce your grandfather to the reader.

    The Main Body

    Now, you reached the most important part of your essay. That is the main body of your descriptive essay about your grandfather. Here are some paragraphs in this part, and each of them is crucial. Do not worry as there are some tips and pieces of advice, which will help you to easily compose a brilliant essay.

    • General facts. The first paragraph must contain your grandfather’s first name, last name, age or date of birth and place where he is currently living. That paragraph is rather small, but quite important.
    • After telling the main information you have to say something about his appearance. Start by describing his height and body. Then say some words about his hair and face. For example, say that he is a strong and a bit short bald man, but that makes him only better. Then mention that he has an oval face with little cheeks. Then you can tell that his forehead is full of small wrinkles, but that looks really handsome. After that, write about his face traits like lips, eyes, nose. Do not forget to mention some unusual birthmarks or unique features. Maybe he has a scar or a sailor’s tattoo!
    • Here you have to use your notes. That means that you have to write some words about your grandfather’s character traits. It is important to use not only the best parts of his personality, and the bitter facts will only make your essay more honest, and people love honesty very much.
    • If he has a job, write some words about it. Mention his attitude to coworkers. That would be interesting. If he does not work now, read what to write in the next point.
    • Here you have to choose the most extraordinary hobbies like collecting photos of various birds or stamps with planes. Moreover, the more interesting this paragraph will be, the higher your mark will be.
    • Here you have to write what he likes and dislikes most in this world and what is his attitude to most things. For example, you can write that he likes walking in a rainy weather, because this calm atmosphere makes him a happier person.

    The Last Paragraph

    In this part you have to try to write nearly 30-50 words. You can check some more tips about this here. That can be sentences about your great love to your relative. For example, you can write that he is your role model, as a strong man with huge willpower and desire to live a long and happy life.

    Fix Mistakes

    After writing this essay, do not hurry to close your copybook because you have to check your home task once again. Read it carefully and fix the mistakes if there are any. You can lose a good mark because there are some grammar mistakes, so do not approach this lightly.


    Now, when you know all about writing a descriptive essay about grandfather, go and write something great. Good luck!

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