• Write a Descriptive Essay About the Season of Autumn


    Your professor may ask you, what is your favorite season? You have only four possible answers to that question. And chances are, that you replied autumn. Now you have a homework assignment, to describe autumn in the best and most vivid way possible. Do you regret saying autumn? Do not worry, in any case we will help you to write an excellent essay and get a great mark for your paper. There are a lot of ways to deal with this assignment, and we will suggest different approaches, so you can choose what suits you best. If you need some more tips on such types of essay, you may look here.

    Sensory Approach

    A great way to describe almost anything is by using the five senses approach. An abled human being has all five, and can relate to what you are describing and imagine it vividly, if you use all five senses, because it gives almost a 3D vision of your object, including its smells and the sounds.

    Autumn in Colors

    The most prominent thing about autumn is the changing of the color of the leaves. Those boring green leaves that were there all spring and summer are changing into a myriad of colors, yellow, brown, red and so on. You can describe how vivid they are, or how you like them. Also autumn has that orange palette that is present in almost anything, from the harvested food, to the Halloween themed decorations.

    The Smells

    It starts raining heavily, and that leaves a distinctive smell on the earth and the asphalt. Think about what it is like to walk in a park after a heavy autumn rain. There are also spices that are going into almost every food: cinnamon, pumpkin spice and so on. What are your favorite smells of autumn?

    Sound of Crunchy Leaves

    Since you already described the colors of leaves and the smells in the park, you can add something about the sounds. A prominent sound is the crunching of leaves when you walk in the park, or the tinkling of the raindrops against the roof or a window. There is also the spooky sound of the cold wind that comes unexpectedly.

    Touching Yarn

    Woolen Hat

    What can you touch during autumn, which brings out the uniqueness of the season? People start wearing heavier clothes to protect from the cold, and the wardrobes are now full of scarves, sweaters mittens, long coats and woolen hats. There are a lot of clothes made out of yarn, and you can almost feel how fluffy and pleasant is the yarn of sweaters and hats on your skin.

    Delicious Food

    Let us not forget about the taste. What are your favorite foods during this season? It may be the Halloween candy, or just indulging in cocoa and chocolate because it is so cold, the variety of different teas that you can drink. Let us not forget about Thanksgiving and the delicious food that you can find on your table. If you attend a multicultural class, your fellow groupmates from other countries will be interested to hear what kind of food is traditional for autumn in your country.

    Thematic Approach

    Another approach is to focus on a subject that is typical for autumn and describe it fully. Here we present some of the most typical associations that people have with autumn, and you can choose one of them and describe your own impressions about this topic.


    If we take a look at history, autumn has always been the season when there were a lot of fruits and vegetables, the harvest. People were thankful to have this food, so they could store it, preserve it and survive through a long and harsh winter. You can think about all of the associations you might have with this word, maybe your grandma’s memories about the autumn and write a wonderful essay.

    Melancholic Mood

    The autumn is often associated in the minds of poets with melancholy. It is when the leaves fall down and the earth becomes lonely and sad, as if spring is the start of life, and autumn is its death. There is nothing surprising about this, as it starts getting darker quickly and the sudden cold days leave some people longing for the warmth of the summer. If you also feel a bit sad or depressed during this time of year, you can describe this melancholic mood in your essay, and many people will also agree with how you sense autumn.


    Halloween Pumpkin

    One of the most popular holidays, that is celebrated more and more each day, Halloween is a wonderful topic to describe in your autumn essay. Think about the joy of choosing your costume, attending parties with your friends, eating candy, going door to door and playing tricks on each other. There are also scary movies and a lot of Halloween hype in stores during this season. You can describe a vivid memory from one of your Halloween experiences.

    Back to School

    Especially during your childhood years, autumn is the time when you need to go back to school. A new year of learning is ahead of you, and most children are not happy about it. However, going back to school means meeting your classmates again, learning some new subjects, getting new books or stationery and so on. This is also a subject that can be easily approached in your essay.

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