• How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Mother

    Did your teachers give you a task to write a descriptive essay about your mother? Do you feel like you have no ideas? Do you want to get a good mark but have no clue how to cope with this home task? Do not hurry to be sad as there is good news for you! In this article you will read some tips and pieces of advice which will definitely help you to write a descriptive essay about your mother.

    Gather the Information

    It is obvious that before starting doing something you have to know a lot about it. If you want to write a brilliant descriptive essay, you have to gather the information. No online research will help you at this point, since it is very personal, and Google will not tell you more about this dear person than you will have if you try to pay attention and remember little things. Here are some pieces of advice where to gather the information.

    Mother and Kid

    • Talk to your mother. This is a wonderful tip because mom can say something you do not know about her. That can be her attitude to her job, co-workers, friends, family, various life situations, hobbies and so on. So, do not be shy, go and ask your mother to tell something about herself. Moreover, you can prepare some questions which can help her to tell you a lot of useful information.
    • Find a photo. There is a part in descriptive essay when you have to describe appearance of a person. To write using only your memory is wrong because you can lose some details or forget some special birthmarks or something like that. So find a photo of your mother. There is no difference if it is a paper photo or one on mobile phone. What is more, it will be great if it is a full height photo because you can describe better her figure. Due to this, you will write a lot about appearance, what is wonderful for your essay.
    • Talk to mother’s friends. Who knows your mom better than her friends? Next time you meet them, make a little survey and get to know something about your mother! Those people can underline some character traits and say about their attitude to her. That is a valuable material for your essay. So, feel free to ask for a help of her friends!
    • Speak with your father. Only your father knows your mother better than her friends. So go and talk about mother with your dad. He can also give you precious information and interesting stories about your mom.

    Make a Plan

    While preparing for writing the essay you get a big amount of information and cannot remember everything. Even in the process of writing itself you can forget something really important. That is why we advise you to make a list with some notes. There is no need to create a big plan. It is enough to write down some items. Believe, a plan is always helpful and it does not take much time to write it.

    Relax Before Writing

    After gathering the information and making a plan, you are inspired to start writing. However, statistic says that if inspired people have a little rest before working, they stay inspired for much longer than those who think that they do not need to have a rest. So, sit down and close your eyes. Feel harmony inside of you and concentrate on the feeling of being in the right place in the surrounding world. Then, open your eyes and start writing a brilliant essay.

    The Beginning

    It is not a good idea to start your essay with direct information about your mother. First of all, a reading person will immediately lose interest to this essay. Second of all, you can write much more sentences before introducing your mom. That way, start with writing some general information if the assignment allows. Write about your family, how you like it, how many people there are in your family and what makes you really close. Then you can say that you want to introduce your mother.

    Sounds boring? It depends on how you do it. Compare the two pieces of writing below to see the difference:

    “My family has 4 members: my parents, my older sister and me. I love them very much, as my family members are my closest people. We spend a lot of time together and on Sundays go for a walk around the lake.”

    “There are so many families in the world, that one can hardly imagine that they can all be different. My home with a little family of four seems to be a shelter where our love and loyalty become shields against anything bad the world has to offer. I cannot imagine myself without any of them: my always seriously-looking dad whose eyes, if you take a closer look, have sparkles of laughter; my sister, a fair-haired beauty who helped me discover most of the best things in life; and, of course, my usually smiling mom with the softest hands in the world.”

    The Main Body

    This is the most important part in your essay. Exactly here you are going to write everything what you prepared. Here are some tips for you which will help to write your describing essay.

    • General information. Start with stating your mother’s first name, second name, age, place of birth. You can also include the information about the present place where she lives. Topically, it is all the information that is needed to identify a person, but for a description essay it is not enough. So, move to the next tip.
    • It is quite important to describe appearance because this is how people can get to know more about your mother. So that, take a prepared picture and start to describe. Begin with her height. Is she a small or quite tall woman? Then, tell something about her body. Say if she is slim and sporty or a fatty food-lover. Say what you like most about her figure. Is it her skinny legs or soft hands? After that, write about her hair. Is it straight or curly? Is it brown or blond? Short or very long? Then talk about her face. Describe eyes, lips, chicks, nose and ears. You can even mention her wrinkles or birthmarks. Say what of it you inherited from her.
    • Now you have to write about her character traits. In this part other people’s words about your mother are valuable. Say which character traits you respect, which are similar with yours, what you do not like much. For example, say that you like her confidence in every move, but this makes her look a bit selfish. Remember that nobody is perfect, so teachers will not like your essay about an ideal mother. Still, try to use the best words describing your mother. Say which of mother’s traits you want to have.

    Additionally, you can make the description give even more picture of her if you mention some tiny little habits she has. For example, that she never carries her umbrella, or that she only drinks hot chocolate with marshmallows. Does she wrinkle her nose at the thought of something unpleasant? Does she shake her foot while she is nervous? All of these details will become a spice to your paper.

    Cup with Hot Chocolate

    • Write about her working place. That does not mean that you have to describe a building or office. Say who she is, if she likes or dislikes her job and explain why. Mention if you want to follow her steps or try to find yourself without any help. If your mother does not work, say what her daily routine looks like. For example, she goes shopping, does household chores and so on.
    • That is probably the most interesting part of every essay about people. Prepare for this part by asking your mother about her hobby. Maybe she likes gardening or embroidery. Does she like baking cakes or playing golf? Mention every of her preferences.
    • Write how often you spend time with your mother, if she is kind to you or quite strict. Mention about her attitude to co-workers and friends.

    The Last Paragraph

    This part does not have to be long. Say how much you love your mother and if you want to be like her. Sentences here may be short but informative.


    Now, when you know how to write a descriptive essay about your mother, do not waste time and go writing. Good luck!

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