• Fight Insomnia and Sleep Like a Baby

    Do you suffer from insomnia? Have you forgotten the last time you had a good sleep? Do you want to be fresh in the morning instead of looking like a zombie? This article is definitely for you! There are actually  so many ways to trick your consciousness and fall asleep that one can barely remember all of them, that is why we have collected some of the working tips that will surely get you to Morpheus’s sweet hold.

    Keep an Eye on Healthy Diet

    Fruits and Vegetables

    This may sound a bit confusing, as sleeping and food seem to be not directly connected. What if we say that our sleep depends on what we eat every day? That is completely true. Here are some recommendations for you that will help you to change your daily food or to complete your healthy diet.

    • Basic information. There is a plenty of products that help our organism to sleep. These are bananas, peanuts, figs and dairy products. Other food will only wake you up. You see, products which contain a lot of protein are crucial for our body, but not for our sleep. Any spicy meal is also prohibited, as it will make you thirsty.

    It is known that if you drink a lot of water in the evening, your stomach will be full and will not allow you to sleep that night. Plus, every now and then you will be forced to get up and risk to not falling asleep again. The same goes with eating watermelons, of course.

    • Stick to the measure. It is harmful for our organism to go to bed directly from the kitchen. The matter is that your body wants to sleep, but it cannot relax because it needs to digest food. At the same time, do not lie down if you are hungry. You will think about what is in your fridge, not about sleep. The best decision is to stick to the measure and have your last meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed.
    • Do not eat a lot of sugar. Turns out that sugar is harmful for our sleep, not only our teeth. The thing is that sugar is mainly carbohydrate, which is one of the elements that give us power to live. That way, you will be full of energy and will not even look at the bed, though it will be 2 a.m. That is way you would better put off that mousse cake and chocolate at nighttime instead of taking pills to fall asleep better.
    • Avoid drinking coffee after 6 p.m. People usually drink coffee early in the morning in order to wake up. As a result, they are full of energy after the first cup. So imagine how your organism will behave after a cup of coffee at nighttime.
    • Topically there is divergence between scientists because of this topic. The matter is that there are people who drink a cup of green tea before they go to bed and have perfect sleep. However, green and black teas are both rich on caffeine that only wakes up the organism. Therefore, it is better to drink herbal tea, in case you have a strong desire to drink some.
    • Do not drink alcohol. It is obvious that mainly alcohol has no useful ingredients and brings only harm to our body. That is why it is strongly prohibited to drink a large dose in the evening. The exception is if the doctor recommends it or if it is some wine of high quality. In other cases, you risk having your stomach hurt during all the night and you will have a terrible headache.


    Aromatic Sticks and Candles

    It is widely known that scents can make miracles. For example, they can help you to have a better sleep. Nowadays, aromatic candles and sticks are everywhere. You can easily go and choose your favorite scent. Be careful, there can be something that will incommode you to sleep well. The best decision is to choose a product with the scent of lavender, mint and chamomile right before the sleep or orange, lemon and vanilla an hour or two in advance.

    Sleep in a Completely Dark Room

    The matter is that our organism feels every beam of light and it is bad for the sleep. That is why you have to try to avoid any light during the nighttime. For example, shut up blinds or curtains, turn off nightlight, switch off every source of light in your house. If you live with someone, ask them to do the same thing. Believe that your body will only thank you.

    Turn off Electronics

    Computer and Smartphone

    It is known that computers, laptops and other modern devices irradiate the radiation, which is deadly harmful for the organism. That is why try not to sleep in the room with electronic devices. If you do not have a possibility or what, turn off everything. Firstly, there will not be extra light in your room. Secondly, the harm will not be too bad. There is also no need for a TV set to be on all the night. Of course, you can watch something, but turn it off when you feel that you are close to falling asleep. All in all, your bedroom is for sleep, not for work.

    Avoid Noise in Your Room

    During the working day we are surrounded by different sounds. After a hard working day we want to relax and be in a completely quiet room. Our body wants to stay calm even while sleeping. If there is some noise of a TV working or a dog barking outdoors, try to do everything you can do in order to have a good and quiet sleep. Believe, you will hear enough sounds during the next day. You will be surprised how wonderful you feel after a night without any noise.

    Sleep with Your Pet

    If you have a cat or a dog, let it sleep in your bed. Everybody loves their pets, so you will be happy sleeping with them. They are soft and warm. Scientists proved that people who sleep with their pets have a better sleep than those who do not. So, find you pet, hug it and have a nice sleep. In case you do not have a tortoise or a spider, of course. Instead of a pet you can use a soft toy. There is no wonder why kids have such a nice sleep hugging their toys all the night.

    Sleep Only in Your Bedroom

    Your bedroom is where your bed is. Other rooms with a sofa and armchairs are to work or to relax after a hard working day. Remember, if you sometimes have a sleep somewhere else, what means, not in your bedroom, your organism will not treat sleeping like something important and desirable.

    Read Everything

    It is also a good idea to read before you go to sleep. It does not mean reading books or magazines, but the brand of your clock, different posters, words on photos and drawings. Briefly, read everything you can easily see in your room. Avoid numbers! They make your brain work, so that it would be harder to fall asleep.


    Here are all the tips and methods that can help you to have a nice sleep. Now you can stop thinking about how to fall asleep and look good early in the morning. If this was not enough, check here for more!


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