The Greek Primary & Nursery School was established in 1983 by the Greek government in order to provide Greek education service in London following the Greek Curriculum.  Children at the school are immersed in the Greek culture and music,  and parents find the Greek Primary School of London an exceptional resource for their children.


It develops educational activities with aim to:

  • Help children in acquiring knowledge about their Greek ancestry and feel proud about it.
  • Create a happy and purposeful school community which fosters mutual respect, values individual worth and ability and raises each individual’s self esteem.
  • Provide the best possible standards of teaching and learning for every child.
  • Assist the children in acquiring knowledge and develop skills relevant to their present and future needs.
  • Music and creative performance and theatre are an important part of the pupil’s education.
  • Educational visits and outings increase the pupil’s knowledge of culture, history and science and relate to projects conducted in the classroom as it is part of the Greek and English Curriculum.