• How to Write a Descriptive Essay About Younger Brother

    Is writing essays your major reason to struggle? You do not like spending quite a lot of time looking at a sheet of paper, do you? Do you have a home task to write a descriptive essay about your younger brother? Do you know how to cope with it? No? Do not hurry to be disappointed because this article will help you! Here you will read some tips and pieces of advice that will definitely help you to write a brilliant essay.


    It is tricky that the most important part in writing essays is not the actual writing part. It is gathering the information. You see, to write a descriptive essay, you have to know perfectly the object you are writing about. Therefore, you need to gather a lot of information before starting to write. Luckily, here are some points that will shed some light on where to find materials for your essay.

    • A photo. Seems to be a simple tip, but it is quite crucial in writing some types of essays, especially descriptive ones. The matter is that you have to describe not only a character and daily routine of your brother, but also his appearance. A full height photo is a perfect idea as without it you can lose something unique. So, find a photo and make it a magic wand to help you create a charming paper.
    • Speak to your younger brother. It is a perfect decision. Who knows him better than himself? Ask your brother about his hobbies, friends and attitude to daily routine, or the surrounding world. Ask him about preferences like what he likes and dislikes in others or in himself. It will be some precious material for your essay.
    • Communicate with parents. Parents are people who know your brother since the times he already forgot about. They can say how your brother used to behave when he was a baby. Ask them about their opinion about his character traits, hobbies, etc. Do not forget to ask a question about why they love him. For example, that can be his voice, behavior, tidiness and so on.
    • Speak to brother’s friends. As everybody has someone close enough to call this person “a friend”, he has some for sure. So, do not be shy, go and ask some questions about your younger brother. They will definitely say something interesting and, maybe, even something at the edge of amazing.
    • As you are an elder child, you know your brother from his early age. Remind something from his childhood, like various games you used to play or funny stories that concern only you two. You can also use your opinion about his character, behavior, habits and what not. Remember, the more information you get, the more interesting your essay will be.

    Have a Little Rest Before Writing

    Resting Person

    It is very important to relax before writing because you will be more likely to write an awesome essay from the beginning until the end, without stopping to surf the Net or what. What is more, we advise you not to go away from your working place, except times when you go to the toilet, of course. Even if you are hungry, do not abandon your essay because this way you will also abandon your thoughts and inspiration. Sadly, these things barely come back equally strong to what they were. If you need some rest, all you need is to sit with closed eyes for 30 seconds. It is enough for your brains to start working with new forces.

    The Beginning

    Writing Child

    There is no need to write long and complicated sentences, full of extraordinary adjectives in the beginning. It is a part where you have to write general information. What is more, you do not have to write more than 6 sentences. You will have a chance to show your rich vocabulary a bit later.

    So, what should be included in the beginning? Firstly, say that like every child, you have parents, but your family is special as you have a younger brother. Therefore, say that you live in a happy family of 4 (this number depends on the number of people you live with). Then, tell that today your aim is to tell more about your younger brother.

    The Main Body

    After the beginning, you have to write the most difficult part, namely, the main body. This is the exact part where you have to describe your brother. Here are some points that will help you with this task. Follow them and your essay will be awesome.

    • In general. The first paragraph is short but rather important. Here you have to write your brother’s first name, second name, date of birth and place where he lives now. For example, my brother’s name is Tom Thompson, he was born in a cold winter day in 2015, what means that he is still a toddler. I am glad to say that he lives with his parents and me.
    • Before writing this part, you have to take a photo you have prepared for this essay. Then, start with describing his height and body, as if he is a small and a bit paunchy boy with thin legs. Then say, that you like his arms because they make you feel safe, as you see that in the future he will be strong and will be your protector. After that describe his hair, and after this point describe the face. For example, say that you always admired his light curly hair as because of it he looks like a giant dandelion. Then, mention that his face is oval, eyes are blue and the nose is straight with a little hump, what makes him a handsome boy.
    • While writing this part, you have to remember that there is no perfect person in this world, so do not forget to mention not very good traits, too. For example, firstly say that you appreciate his devotion to his friends and dearest people. Mention that he is the most fearless person you have ever met, what makes him a bit selfish. Then you can tell that people appreciate his behavior and say that he is a little gentleman. Probably, that is enough for this paragraph if you have nothing more interesting to mention, of course.
    • School or kindergarten. If he is a schoolboy, write about his daily routine at school, what he likes about it and what he hates. For example, write that he is a typical schoolboy, who is wearing school uniform and big bag full of books. You can also say that he likes school because there are many friends there and a tasty lunch, but it is horrible for him to sit straight during the classes. Mention, that his schoolmates love him very much as he is always ready to help them out.
    • In this part try to mention something new and extraordinary about brother, like collecting little figures of famous footballers or making cars using only one sheet of paper. Exactly this part makes your essay special and amazing, however, for this you will need to describe the brother in a process of creating an origami masterpiece.

    The Last Paragraph

    There is also no need to write big sentences in this part, because your written main body is long. All you have to write is for what you love him. For example, mention that you like your brother because he is a true friend for you and can give a helping hand in various hard situation, what makes him a real man.

    Now, when you know how to deal with this assignment, go and surprise your teacher! Good luck!

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