• Moral: How to Define It Right

    Moral Scales

    This college paper is going to touch another controversial topic having the background on previous publication. It was written on purpose to help in finding the balance between right and wrong. Another reason was to renew the moral topic among people. It was necessary to declare that the moral is still important.

    Why It Is a Value

    People are watching their days passing by while doing the routine stuff. They are simply losing the time thinking about the future, not about the present moment. It seems they are erasing their living because it was written with a pencil. The danger is they believe in writing it again, but they will never do it. So far, they are losing themselves. It happens also because people cannot define the values right. Finally, only tiny shadows of people’ lives are left. Sometimes, they hold nothing essential but the traces of lead.

    Moral helps people to distinguish themselves in the social world and find the place under the Sun being fair to oneself and others.

    Watch-Out: The Moral

    Firstly, we are introduced to this notion at school. It was very important to tell the right definition at the lesson, but we were not taught how to use it. This is very interesting to discover what the word holds and why it has the opposite meaning. The moral is a theoretical basement of any relationship, which forms the conditions of communication, and finally, living.

    Besides, it is a very powerful educational tool. There are certain literature genres, which have a moral ending. For example, the fables. Kids are warned to behave right with this informal way of teaching.

    Kids Reading

    The Immoral

    The phenomenon of immoral behavior appears each time when it gets a new owner. If we talk about the immoral political behavior, it is described after some regime faces the end. Then the political leaders are also called immoral people. Their actions are considered to be the perfect negative examples.

    If we are back to the social conditions and cultural norms, the immoral is used in a sense of not appropriate. However, it may get the negative meaning too since it can break new and fresh ideas or tendencies.

    There was a youth movement against the constant conditions in the culture and art. Those who did not understand them or did not accept their ideas called them immoral people.

    General Moral

    Many men, many minds. However, there is also something in common. The general values, which may sound differently in various languages, still have the same meaning. The moral is the value, which influences other basic characteristics of life. The moral is the essence, which can make the life steps to be more clear and thoughtful.

    Each person can make this general notion of moral to be full and vast. If to fill it with the example of personal positive experience, soon the humanity will face its diversity.

    Personal Moral

    There is an idea the person is born and dies alone. It does not mean he/she is lonesome. Just the living predicts individual rises and falls, personal experience, and everyday routine. When a person achieves the goal with own efforts and energy, he works on the personal moral. Judging the actions or behavior with own experience, there is no place for another opinion.

    The person becomes independent. This is a positive impact. However, there is another side of a coin when a person does not want to accept any outside help. The same happens with ideas, which may come from others. Being selfish in sense of independent can also be immoral to people who are close to you.

    Moral and Truth

    Moral as the basement for a personal upgrowing is tightly connected with truth. Truth can stand for the practical realization of moral in routine life. We cannot express the knowledge about moral directly, but it becomes possible with a notion “Truth.”


    As a character

    Morality as a part of character becomes more and more popular in the recent decades. This process is a predicted result of the cultural revolutions, which changes the people’ conscious forever. From one side, they made it more free and intellectual. From another one, by bringing the freedom, they also ruined the structure of life.

    Cultural Revolution’s Symbol

    As the outlook

    Morality as a form of outlook makes the person more protected from the outside influences. Sometimes, they can be harmful to individuality. Sometimes, such way of living can separate a person from the whole world. The choice is always after you.

    As education

    As kids, we do not understand much. However, we realize the things, which happen around, intuitively. The hints we take from parents are forming the morality inside us. It is used here in a sense of eternal internal substance, which exchanges with different generations.

    As timeless phenomenon

    Morality as a norm does not have any time borders. Morality is something, which remains actual throughout the centuries. Sure, it faced some transformations, but the essence is still the same.

    The reason it does not lose the popularity is obvious. It is fair to all people and to no one. It is completely objective but at the same time full of subjective meanings. The sense is in eternal circles of searching.

    To cut the story, moral as one of the main values continues making the puzzle of life. It brings clearness to many issues and reveals the answers to questions. It shows the reasons we could not yet understand. Being forgotten and hidden, it still slightly transforms the life in a better way.

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