• 5 Reasons NOT to Go Traveling That You Are Going to Like

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    Bet, you sometimes wish you could just ban people to blog about the benefits of traveling. Famous quotes about the perks of seeing different places and meeting different people should be detected by the relevant keywords and removed from all websites and social networks. Oh, yes, and Instagram should block its users attempts to upload a photo with an ocean or a mountain in its background.

    Can’t they all just let you enjoy your study or job routine and weekends in the local park? Besides, you certainly remember the summer party plan that fell through, because most of your friends left for other countries. Of course, they sent you some nice photos and postcards. But these ornaments can’t compensate the whole fun and joy you didn’t have. Not to mention the fact that it was your rare chance to see each other in half a year.

    So, what if you really don’t want to go to any place which is geographically situated outside the borders of your home town? Do they dare call you a xenophobe after this?

    Here are 5 cast-iron arguments for you to parry! Let’s see why there is actually no need for you to leave your place in search of new experiences, tastes and impressions.

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    #1. You Can Dedicate Your Time to Your Always-Busy Self

    Where is the list of movies you have wanted to watch for ages? Or, maybe, your favorite rock band is going to perform in your town next week? By the way, your bike needs some care as well. Just check its tires and breaks.

    Just imagine that you can start your morning slowly, without grabbing the first shirt to wear and looking for at least one grain of coffee to have some breakfast. No! You are going to sleep as much as you want. Then you can go to your favorite little cafe around the corner and get some brunch.

    The further scenario is up to your preferences and wishes.

    #2. You Have Google, So the Whole World Is Open to You

    Real-time and real-place cameras online and Google Maps can get you to the world’s most amazing corners. Without any need to live your room or the local cafeteria, you can find the selected pictures of megalopolises and islands, read their legends, reveal their secrets, and explore the life there, literally.

    Again, you can watch some documentaries and hence even travel in time! Sounds rather more alluring than the prospect to sweat in a stuffy bus, listening to your tour guide’s mumbling.

    #3. You Can Save a Really Significant Sum of Money

    And buy the latest model of Samsung Galaxy gear watch! Or something less costly, like a sumptuous cake or a good piece of salmon to cook for a dinner with your friend.

    Seriously, all those currency differences, tickets, hostels, and tricky taxi drivers seem to be aimed at taking your lawfully earned money from you. But you can opt for some saving on traveling and then afford to purchase much more things you really need.

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    #4. You Will Avoid What Is Called Acclimation and Things Like That

    Doctors can hardly predict your reaction to climate differences between your home area and your destination. Even if the weather is warm and sunny there, you can come back home with terrible sore throat and running nose.

    Besides, you might have some food allergy without even knowing it. So, buying that exotic fruit could be one of worst mistakes you’ve done in your whole life.

    Insects is another topic for discussion, so there is probably no need to talk about them here. If you know what I mean.

    #5. You Are Safe from Any Kinds of International Threats by Default

    Terrorism acts in the world’s biggest and most secured airports. Plane and car crashes. Stolen passports and gadgets. Don’t you consider yourself a really smart person to stay home when you’re reading such headlines in online news?

    Heaven forbid these things happen on our planet. That’s what you may be thinking of at the moment, feeling safe and sound in your cozy room with a cup of your favorite tea.

    So, take care and enjoy your free time at home.

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