• Interesting Paper About Bill Gates: Secrets of Computer Genius

    Computer Genius

    So, you have learned some facts about Einstein. But in the modern world there are many geniuses as well. It is true that Bill Gates is probably the most important personality in the computer sphere. Without his investment to the development of technology, we would not be able to use the majority of modern devices and live a comfortable life. So, this is an outstanding example which proves that hard work and desire to create something original brings good motivation and encouragement to go on.

    In this way, a person has all chances to reach success. However, besides the fact that Bill Gates is a talented developer, his biography includes some unusual facts which you might have never heard about. Anyway, students usually choose this man’s achievements as the topic for their essays about modern geniuses. Bill Gates’ personality is very often discussed in the press and the internet is full of unfair statements and myths about him. Nevertheless, you should not trust all of them and avoid using unreliable materials for your paper. It is better to take our points into account and base your story on them.

    Almost the Richest Man in the USA

    Probably you have heard about it. Still, do you know that Bill Gates says he will not leave all his money to his children? Each of them will inherit only ten million. Why does the developer make such a decision? He claims that it is much better to let kids work on their own and that a huge sum of money will only make them lazy.

    Also, it is true that Bill bought Leonardo da Vinci’s diary and paid about thirty million dollars for it. He also has a plane. The biggest part of his income Gates spends on charity. He and his wife are founders of one of the biggest organization which support people in need. So, although many people find that his family can live a luxurious and extremely rich life, this person has strong moral concepts and wealth does not spoil him.

    School Years

    Children at School

    Many young people think that Bill Gates was an untalented and poorly skilled student. However, it is one of the myths which surround this personality. At an early age, he created his first computer program. It was a quite simple game in which you could play against the machine.

    Actually, at school Gates was very good at programming. As a result, the local administration told him to create a program for the school schedule. These were small and easy things but not all teenagers could develop their own software in school years. So, the outstanding genius started to demonstrate his skills very early.

    Nevertheless, it is true that Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard. The main reason was his desire to dedicate all his time and efforts to Microsoft. However, in 2007, he got an honorary degree from this University.

    English Knight

    Even though Bill Gates cannot be called “Sir” as he is an American citizen, he was knighted by English Queen in 2005. Sure, it was done not because he is a great pioneer and successful entrepreneur. The main reason for such honor is his huge contribution to the charity organizations.

    As we have mentioned, he provides huge financial help to various people and foundations. It is a proven fact that he has donated almost thirty billion, which is the half of his whole income currently. In 2010, he created and signed “Gates Giving Pledge” with Marc Zuckerberg. It is the promise of giving the half of their wealth for charity.

    He Was Arrested by Police

    Police Arresting Someone

    Maybe, you do not know about it, but Bill Gates was arrested several times. At first, it happened in his young years when he and his friends were caught for driving without license. However, even though it was a kind of crime, there was no real punishment for it and Gates did not suffer from fines or imprisonment. The second time he was arrested because he did not stop at the stop sign, and yes, it appeared that he did not have his driving license again. Still, there was no serious punishment as well. Besides, when Microsoft had to see through the hard times, Gates had to give some evidence in federal court.

    It is truly hard to underestimate Bill Gates’ contribution into the development of computer industry. It is really huge. Who knows on which stage humanity would be today without his work and company. Probably, no one can imagine our life without Microsoft.

    On the other hand, it is essential to understand that Gates is not only a talented developer. He is also an outstanding personality who has not been spoilt by tons of money. Gates continues to give billions of dollars to charity. He is one of the main supporters of poor and disabled people.

    Without any doubts, you can choose this person as the one who you admire the most and dedicate a school paper to him. Of course, there are some other things to research, so we have presented the most significant ones. In the next post, we are going to give some interesting information about Steve Jobs.

    This businessman had controversial relationships with Bill Gates, which we will describe later and you will understand if they were friends of arch enemies and competitors. His genius cannot be underestimated and it is a good idea to create an essay about him as well. You will be able to use our hints for this purpose.

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