• How to Create a Paper About Einstein: Add Some Unusual Facts

    Albert Einstein Portrait

    Without any exaggeration, Albert Einstein is one of the most famous and outstanding personalities in the world science. It is impossible to overestimate his contribution to the development of humanity. That is one of the reasons why students often get tasks related to his biography, inventions and so on.

    You definitely know the most popular facts about this genius. However, you should pay attention not only to his particular contribution to science. There are several fascinating facts about him and his life. Have you ever heard of them?

    We have prepared the list of cool facts about this inventor. You can use them to complete an essay about this personality in order to make your text catchy and attractive for the audience.

    Myths About Math Classes

    Probably every famous personality is surrounded by myths. For example, Alexander Graham Bell is believed to create a telephone in honor of his wife. Einstein’s biography includes lots of such things and secrets, which scientists are not sure of even nowadays. However, we want to pay attention to the most popular ones.

    Many of us heard that Einstein failed Math, and that it was the worst school subject for him. Although this statement is quite popular, this man was never bad at Math. Moreover, he received high marks. Why is this myth so spread on the Internet then?

    Who knows? Maybe, some lazy students created an excuse for their laziness. It is a pretty good way to explain the reason for bad grades at school, as even geniuses have bad days.

    Supporter of Nuclear Weapons

    Nuclear Weapon

    Probably everyone heard that Einstein was a pacifist and claimed that nuclear weapons should never be applied. Still, some people think that he helped to create an atomic bomb. However, this inventor did not make any great contribution to this process. He had never carried our any surveys or experiments connected with such weapon.

    Anyway, why does this statement exist? Einstein wrote a letter to the American President and advised him to work on the development of nuclear weapons. This might lead to the eventual creation and usage of this bomb. There is also a fact that Einstein claimed America should invent it before Nazis in order to destroy them effectively and quickly.

    Life in America

    Einstein claimed that he had to move to America just because Hitler came to power at that time and it was not safe for him to stay in Europe anymore. It is said that Nazis put a great bounty on his head – about 5000 dollars.

    After moving to the New World, he remained a strong opponent of human inequality. Albert Einstein called segregation the disease of white people and found it inappropriate in a normal society. Moreover, he did a lot in order to fight off racism in America. However, it did not mean everyone appreciated him. US authorities even thought that Einstein was a Soviet spy.

    Bad Husband

    Few of us know about Einstein’s private life. His first marriage was not very happy, especially for his wife. Actually, Einstein was a quite bad husband. There were lots of affairs in his life which he did not even try to hide. He also did not respect his first wife and simply used her for housework. He created the list of duties and requirements for her. This woman had to fulfill them in order to avoid the divorce. However, when their marriage was ruined, Einstein promised her all money which he would win with his Nobel Prize.

    The second time this genius married was probably more pleasant for both him and his new wife Elsa Lowenthal, who was his cousin.

    Interesting Facts About Genius’s Childhood

    The early years of Einstein’s life were not usual as well. From his very birth, he had an incredibly big head. His mother was worrying about this issue and thought that he might have some disabilities as a result of. Fortunately, the unusual size of his head did not affect his smartness and intelligence.

    However, Einstein really had some problems with the speech. He started speaking only at the age of four, which is truly late for a normal child. Moreover, he talked very slowly and had truly poor memory. Einstein could barely remember names, dates and numbers.

    Now, we even know that his brain weighted less than normally, and that some of its parts were much bigger that they should. Probably it influenced his thinking skills and allowed him to come up with so many theories.

    Moreover, it is true that Albert Einstein’s brain was stolen by a pathologist who researched the body. This man kept the organ for almost 40 years and only after that returned it. The same thing happened to Einstein’s eyes. They were also taken by this doctor. Later, he gave them to his friend and they were not returned ever.

    It is true that several significant things which happened in Einstein’s life are unknown to most of us. But it does not mean we must pay attention only to the major theories of his without trying to discover some interesting facts about his personality.

    Our team tried to change this situation. We compiled the list of beneficial ideas for an essay on Albert Einstein’s life story. Sure, you can simply put down some well-known statements and make your text boring. But you could also pay attention to the points in our post and mention them in your paper.

    In the next article, we are going to present some unusual facts about Bill Gates.

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