• Patriotism: Between the Knowledge and Feeling

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    This sample of a college essay is going to discuss the topic, which is naturally very dear to each person. The talk will be about patriotism. This word hides many senses since it was the point of speculation during the wars and at the same time being a strong motivation for people. Is it the knowledge we receive from childhood or a feeling based on personal experience? So, let us discuss.

    The General Overview

    Patriotism is a love for your Homeland or for your small Motherland, where you were born. It is something abstract we are told from the very beginning. Some ideas we should follow and never forget about.

    Also, when a person moves abroad for work or studying, it stands for a feeling inside, which does not allow him to forget about the native land. Scientists also call it the genetic code of nations. It means when we hear the native language or meet our natives, the mood improves. Specialists say it may even influence our health in general.

    Historical Background

    Patriotism was the point of speculation at any age. Politicians were using it as a strong motivation to encourage people fighting for Motherland. They used this notion in their speeches for many times in order to make a special code in people’ mind.

    The word itself comes from the Latin word “Pater,” which means father. “Fatherland” was also formed from it. Our consciousness reacts in a special way on this word because it is also affected by family relationships. The brightest example is the Civil War in France when soldiers were fighting for the own land using mottos with the patriotic sense.

    Country’s Landscapes

    Patriotism as nationalism

    Patriotism is the way to love your Motherland, to treat it and make better. Nationalistic views were mostly formed during the Second World War when the whole world was in danger, and people tried to protect the own land. This feeling can be shown from the positive side if to talk about the principles, which can make the own country respectable and bloom.

    However, the negative aspect is about making it better though the hate to other lands. People who follow such aggressive nationalistic ideas see the enemies in people of other nationalities. Also, they do not agree with a politic provided by other countries according to their own one.

    Patriotism as Nazism

    Nazism is a dangerous phenomenon of patriotism, which was mainly developed at the beginning of the past century. This ideology reached its peak during the Second World War with the help of Adolf Hitler. However, it should be mentioned that the ideas found the followers also in Italy, Austria and other European countries.

    After the war has been ended, Nazism lost its popularity. Besides, it was forbidden to spread its ideas openly. For example, the book “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler has not been published until 2015. An interesting fact is that it was sold out in a very short time. Can this fact stand for a trace of a new European threat?

    Pile of Book

    The Phenomenon of Cosmopolitism

    A reflection of all global changes, which were mostly brought by wars and other social issues, was cosmopolitism. This is a movement of free people who did not want to support any political party. They also did not accept the political regimes and the government.

    Sometimes, they refused using passports and other papers, where their origin was mentioned. Such people called themselves “The citizens of the world.”

    Patriotism to Earth and Nature

    Eco-lovers can also say they are patriots and it will be truth. They are the patriots of the Earth as a big home. Since the majority of them are the volunteers, they cannot call themselves citizens of one exact country. They are currently moving across the world helping nature in all its forms.

    Such people do not want another way of life because they simply do not accept it. It means they do not understand how people can live in the polluted areas, go to work every day and do the routine stuff, when nature is suffering.

    Patriotism and Moral

    Patriotism includes the moral in its context. However, it can be really difficult to define the right behavior. Certain situations may require omitting the moral side sometimes because the patriotism demands serving it fully.

    Positive aspect

    From the one side, patriotism teaches kids from the childhood how to care about the native land. It grows the feeling of deep connection with the own country. This feeling inside is supposed to bring only positive and educative aspects in life. However, it also demands great efforts to achieve this phenomenon mentally and be able to explain what the patriotism is to the next generations. It also requires a full devotion to Motherland.

    Negative aspect

    From the other side, when forgetting about moral and morality, the results can be bad and unpredictable. There can be even victims of the extended feeling of patriotism. It should be remembered, that influence a person can make with an own example can be more dangerous than the action itself. People who easily come under the influence may be in danger.

    What About the Truth?

    It was already mentioned that patriotism was used as a point of speculation. Politicians maneuver the words to have the needed results, so far, the truth can be lost sometimes. They may even create the imaginary world, which they think is necessary.

    Also, there are occasions when the patriotism substitutes the truth. For instance, soldiers are not told about the dangerous situations to avoid panics, so they fight being completely unaware of the current state of things. Telling the truth is a very good way to be fair to the world, other people and oneself, as it was discussed in our previous essay. However, it can be absolutely unnecessary in risky situations when all depends on a sudden.

    To cut the story, it can be added that the feelings a person grows through education and experience depend only on the personal attitude to certain things, actions or the world in general. No one will take the responsibility after you. The same is with the understanding of the word “Patriotism,” the choice is after you.

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