• Phenomenon of Justice: The Basic Aspects

    Symbol of Justice

    What is justice as a notion? It is a common tendency to use it for personal interests. So far, the mutual aspect is lost. All people are equal, so they want to face the global justice, the same for each person. The information below is supposed to give the main characteristics of justice. Since people sometimes do not know how to define it right, we shall try to explain.

    The Right Upbringing

    A person gets the basic information watching for the parents. We are copying their behavior, intonation, and mimics at first. Nevertheless, mainly we get to know how to act in certain situations. Parents teach us the basic and the most formative values informally.

    However, such education may have the negative consequences too. A personal justice can be formed. It means the person will only know what is fair for him. Probably, it is a right behavior as a way to survive in this world.

    Justice and Truth

    How are these two notions correlated? Someone thinks justice is a truth, which was not mentioned aloud before. Justice is based on truth, on humans’ demands and nature’s requests, on the omitted evidence of people’ activity and so on. If truth as the main essence of things is based on socio-cultural values, so individual truth is formed by actions. Sometimes, we judge our actions by knowledge, sometimes, by the feeling. When being egoistic, according to other people, we try to save ourselves. Finally, we ruin something inside. It happens as the result of undefined justice.

    Justice: To Lose or to Gain

    We face difficulties every day. Sometimes we affect them personally. Sometimes we are affected by them. Anyway, there should be a way out. Our natural essence wants us to get benefits in any situation. Scientists also call this voice inside the Ego. In such occasions, people only gain the advantages, victories, power and so on. In some time, they will become overfilled and begin ruining themselves from inside.

    Justice’s Scales

    Another side of a coin

    However, our behavior or the upbringing does not allow us to be mercenary, so far envy and rude to other people. We try to find the balance wanting the outcome to be good from the both sides.

    Altruistic people would better lose and bring joy or happiness to others. They take the positive energy from such deals, which helps them to stay alive. They call it the moral justice. Maybe, they are the only people who have it in the whole world.

    The Phenomenon of a General Justice

    It was already mentioned that all people are equal. At least, they should be equal in their rights and possibilities. It can work only if the general justice exists. There should be some regulations, according to which the Earth will go round. These norms have to be the same for all people. That is what we call the general justice.

    Positive aspect

    Beginning from the ancient philosophers, such as Plato and Aristotle, the general justice got some descriptions. They wanted to define it from other values, which were very relative or had the subjective opinions. For example, Plato wanted all people to have the similar rights in his imaginary country. This would be perfect to have no envy, jealousy, and anger.

    Aristotle divided the world into groups and categories. He mentioned that the justice should be correlated to these categories. This sounded more real than his teacher’s ideas. His justice had the background on the essence of things. It means, if two things are made from one material, they have the same chances to exist, so they are fair in their living.

    Negative aspect

    Plato’s ideas about the government and the county’s regulation influenced the communism. It sounds unbelievable, but it is truth. From one side, his ideas about the God – Demiurge influenced Neo-Platonism and soon Christianity. From another side, it formed the basis for communism, which soon arose in USSR.

    The process of declaring one thought to be more important than the other is called metaphysics. We want people to follow only certain ideas and believe in certain words. However, the world is great in the diversity. So far, this negative influence, metaphysics, was frequently used as a force. With its help, the political regimes were confirmed. This can also stand for a result of the global justice.

    Force of Hands

    The Higher Justice

    Sometimes, people are affected by some unknown power. We cannot understand the certain events, which happen around us. Some people call it fate, some – accident. However, we can also describe it as the higher justice.

    It is higher than people’s power, abilities or wishes. It does not lean on something and is not influenced by outside forces. Those who believe in fate say it is the essence of hidden thoughts and desires. It is also the energy people exchange. So far, they receive in return what they gave previously.

    As a conclusion, it can be added that we live in a social world. Some conditions and norms have not been changed since the times of their creation, but they are necessary. They regulate the basic aspects of our living. So, following them will bring not chaos but justice. Only with the own experience, we can find the answers to the controversial questions. Only with the own example, we can define the justice for others. Firstly, we have to clear out what it is personally.

    By forming the inside world, it is possible to create the outside one.

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