• Polish Your Paper Like a Professional Student

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    If you are already a pro at writing essays, at finding the best topics, at forming your cohesive structure and so on, but still are getting low grades, the problem might be in the formatting of your paper, or in the general presentation of it. Not always the general idea of your paper is the most important thing for your professor. Remember, they have been a professor for a long time and your ideas are hardly revolutionary, as they have taught a thousand students. So, what they really look forward to in your work, is the way you present it, and whether you really learned something from it. If it looks carelessly made, they may think that you did not care for the material at all. That is why you should polish your paper like a professional. Here are some even more tips for your consideration.

    Reasons to Do It

    Let us discuss the most important reasons why you should always polish your paper. Perhaps they will convince you and give you a better motivation to do it well each time you write.

    Better Grade

    The thing that hurts most your feelings is when your hard work does not get the marks that it clearly deserves. You have worked hard on compiling an assignment, on writing out the best ideas you could, but instead of getting the excellent mark that you need, you get a slightly worse one. Another awful thing is when Janice from your group gets a better mark even though you know she has not studied as hard as you, but just has a nice-looking paper to present.

    Earning Reputation

    If your works are always neat, tidy, on time, with cohesive paragraphs and a great and understandable reference page, you will be considered a good student by your professor. It can not be necessarily true, but you will be on a good account, and whenever you need to leave class early to go to the dentist or when you will not study hard enough for a test, your professor can even let it slide and give you an overall good mark because he knows that you are an excellent student because of your reputation.

    Finding Sources Easily

    If you have neat papers, you will have a reference page that shines. It will be easy to find those books or articles that you have used in your papers before, because you were so organized and polished your references page and made your paper look presentable.

    Tidiness in Life

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    If you make this tiny effort of proofreading and making sure that your paper looks good, it will reflect into the habits you have in your day to day life. This means that you will surely be more careful in life and your daily struggles will disappear. If you leave your keys in random places around the house, you will automatically learn to keep them in one place, if you do not make your bed, you will make it, because you will need this tidiness in your life too.

    How to Do It

    Here are some tips on how to do it professionally. Follow them all if you want to get a better-looking essay and get the grades that you deserve.


    Always proofread your paper! Whenever you hear this advice, you may think that it is just a thing only careless or distracted people should follow, but this is not true. Anyone can make mistakes, and it will be really embarrassing if you made some stupid errors, especially in proper names or statistics, and your professor will think that you are not sure about this factual information. Proofreading may save you a great embarrassment, so let it become a habit.

    Paragraphs Division

    Consider the general outlook of your essay. No one likes long paragraphs full of self-explanatory sentences. Make sure to have clear paragraph division, which indicates to your actual ideas and makes it easier for your professor to understand your point of view. Your paper should be pleasant to look at, and the idea behind it understandable from your general outlook.


    Listen to your professor when he gives the instructions about the format. If they have not specified a clear format, check it online just to be sure. Use the font and the size of the text they have mentioned, make sure that the interval between your lines and the margins of your paper all correspond to what your professor requires. It seems like extra effort that is not important, but following a certain guideline makes you seem like a serious and important student and clearly means that you have listened to the requirements and followed them.

    Staple And File

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    Presentation matters, and this means that you should not give some untidy printed pages that still have your cat’s paw prints on them! Make sure your paper looks tidy. Make an extra effort to staple the pages together and put them in a file. If you are required to send your paper by mail, also be sure to state the purpose of your mail in the subject and write a short letter to your professor in the main body. Everything should be neat even in the cyber world.

    Make a Folder

    An extra tip would be to clearly organize your work on your desktop too. Make a few folders, for each of your subjects and put all your papers there, organized by name. You will find your work quickly in case you need it, as there are some situations that you suddenly need a piece of information and cannot find it anywhere. Keeping your work clearly marked in folders will get you far even after college. It is important to pay attention to details, as it gives you some extra marks that you need.

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