• Self-Motivation: Tips and Tricks

    Can you become better than you are now? Of course, this is the point of living and evolving. And the thing that can help you is self-motivation. So, what is this? And how can you use this?

    Self-motivation is when a person aspires to do something or be someone, it is an incentive for an action. It can also be defined as a state of a person when the thoughts of others do not influence them. Another way to explain self-motivation would be when something goes wrong in our lives, we tend to leave everything as it is, to become discouraged, but then suddenly we find the reasons and power to keep going.

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    However, there are such powers that draw your focus to the wrong way. You can agree that there are a lot of situations when we just leave everything to be completed at the last moment, wasting our precious time for other unnecessary activities. Imagine a student who has to prepare for the exams or who has to write a term paper. What is this student likely to do? Here is the list of activities: go for a walk with friends, start watching some new breathtaking TV-show, read some articles, surf the Internet, play a new game and so on and so forth. This list can go to the infinity, because human nature is like this: we like to postpone everything. This is our weakness. However, the problem has to be solved sooner or later. Here is the question: how to encourage and motivate oneself to action?


    The simplest way to encourage oneself is to make up some kind of reward for you when you complete the given task. Promise yourself to buy what you want so much (a new sweater, an ice cream, a ticket for a concert of a beloved band). Or ask someone to motivate you. Make plans with a friend about going on a trip somewhere, but only under the condition, that first you finish your task, and then comes the entertainment. A challenge will push you to complete it on time.

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    Spend Time with Family

    You are always at work. Your head is full of unnecessary and overwhelming thoughts. And suddenly you feel that the energy reserves are exhausted. Please, do not panic. Perhaps, this problem appears only because of an absence of free time or because you do not spend time with the people who play not an important role in your life, your family and friends.

    You are still in the office sitting there with a mountain of papers, folders, magazines… It is not surprising that such a routine and monotony eventually lead to a “burnout”. So, speak with a person who has known you already for a long time, maybe, they will be able to give you a new breath of inspiration. Especially family can give you a powerful feeling of mightiness, since the family is a source of energy. So, if you have such a source, so why do you not use it?

    Look For an Inspiration

    Yes, an inspiration is a special thing. When you are the happy owner of such an extraordinary thing, you can cope with any difficulties and every serious case in life will be a piece of cake for you to deal with. So, now think, please, of who or what inspires you, maybe some famous person or some historical event. It can also include books or music that can motivate you. Or maybe you are inspired by doing some good deeds and receiving gratefulness?

    Or, it can be the opposite. Maybe it is hateful dishwashing, as in the case of Agatha Christie. Can you imagine that simple house work can inspire a person to create the world’s most known bestsellers? The main thought of this paragraph is that you are the creator of your success, do not wait for a miracle.

    Fear is Stimulating

    The strongest and most effective push for the person is the fear of being disgraced or failure in the eyes of others. This is true if the person is responsible and loves to receive praise and acknowledgement, as they will not let themselves fail. At any cost, such a person will bring the matter to the end. Now try to find a person who is authoritative for you. Tell them in detail about the tasks that you urgently need to complete. The more authoritative for you will be this listener, the more you will aspire to realize the conceived.

    Herb Elliott once said, “the greatest stimulator of my running career was fear”. On one hand fear is a negative thing, but on the other hand, you can use its negative side to stimulate yourself. If you believe that fear can make wonders for you, you use it in the right way.

    New Approaches

    A great way to self-motivation can be an old but proved “new approaches to business” method. The first step is to change the place of work. Instead of doing the same old boring job in the office, take the laptop and go to the park if the weather allows or to a coffee shop you have not visited yet. Who knows, perhaps, the new territory will encourage you to intensive work?

    The second step to your self-motivation is simply changing your approach to the task, mixing up the way you deal with the task. Start not from the place you are used to, but from another side. When you change the approach to the case, your brain starts working in another new way. And this is often a kind of a challenge. Here you may also find your self-motivation, because new interesting things force you to work and create.

    The next point we are going to speak about is assistance. Do not be afraid to ask for help. This will not make you less intelligent or talented in the eyes of others. Instead, this will help you complete everything in time and, perhaps, will give you new ideas for self-motivation. No wonder there is such an idiom: “Two heads are better than one”.

    Bright Lightbulb


    So, self-motivation is a kind of inner force that motivates us to act. Some people are interested in the process of creation and others are only interested in the result. All these people need self-motivation, which can be achieved within yourself by various methods.

    If a person lacks these internal motive forces, it is not always a matter of laziness. Because when we are interested in what we are doing such thing as self-motivation will be enough. Always. And you will always find the forces to do your work. Good luck!

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