• Interesting Things About Steve Jobs’ Life: You Did Not Know Them

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    There are lots of books, articles and even poems dedicated to this person, as his outstanding contribution to the web development and computer sphere plays a big role for each of us. Without Steve Jobs’ work, the mankind would not be able to deal with lots of modern tasks, solve complicated problems in one click and live a comfortable and easy life in general.

    Probably every student has at least one Apple gadget in his or her arsenal. Nevertheless, few of us heard any really compelling facts from Jobs’ biography. For example, not all of us know which kind of relationships Steve Jobs and Bills Gates had. Some students think that they were enemies, others claim it was a kind of friendship and good competition between two geniuses.

    Anyway, we are talking about the ambitious person who should be respected even if you disagree with some of his concepts. Below, we have compiled the list of ideas and statements about Steve Jobs which you can use for your essay about him.

    He Was Adopted

    Maybe, you know that Steve Jobs was adopted soon after his birth. His biological parents wanted him to grow up in the educated family. However, this requirement was not met. People who wanted to adopt him had not got higher education. Fortunately, Steve’s new parents promised to send the boy to a college. They did but it was pointless. He dropped out very quickly, which is one of the most popular facts in his biography often mentioned by students. Despite the fact that he officially gave up his study, Jobs continued to visit some classes and get new knowledge.

    He Enjoyed LSD


    Probably everyone has heard that LSD has some positive qualities for human mind. In small doses it activates brain activity. The Internet is full of surveys on this topic and examples of people who use this drug for intellectual enlightenment. Steve Jobs is one of them.

    He called taking LSD one of the most important things he did in his life along the three others. He said that it let him try absolutely new experience and he could see the real side of a coin. According to his words, that is the reason to start a new lifestyle: creating things instead of making money and understanding what is really significant in life. While traveling around India, he also enjoyed some psychedelic drugs and practiced Buddhism.

    He Had a Daughter

    It is true that this talented man had a daughter. Her name was Lisa. Although this child was not legitimated at first and Jobs did not accept her for a long time, one of the first Apple computers was called Lisa. Even though Steve did not agree that in such a way he honored his kid, it was obvious. Hence, he gave her neither financial nor moral support. However, finally, Jobs accepted his daughter and she changed her surname.

    He Was Not a Philanthropist

    Although many people think that Steve Jobs did a lot of good things for poor people and that his company participated in dozens of charitable programs due to its huge income, it is not true. His competitor Bill Gates was a philanthropist, but we cannot say the same about the Apple founder. This company is engaged in few charitable activities though having billions of dollars. Why is it so? At the beginning of his career, Jobs refused to get involved into such programs. He told that he would join them later, after earning some money and developing the company. However, he did not.

    He Preferred Alternative Medicine

    Alternative Medicine

    It is a proven fact that while being a modern person and businessman, Steve Jobs preferred alternative medicine to counterpart. Moreover, he could afford treatment in the best hospitals of the world. However, he found out about pancreatic cancer in 2003, Jobs refused to cure this disease in ordinary ways to have an operation.

    He decided to address to alternative medicine: herbs, acupuncture and a vegan diet. Unfortunately, these things were not effective in his hard fight against cancer. Jobs gave up and finally had a surgery. The majority of specialists find that postponing such an important operation was a significant factor which led to Steve’s death.

    He Had Difficult Relationships with Bill Gates

    At the dawn of Apple Company, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked together. Microsoft made a lot of efforts to improve Macintosh computers. They had to deal with that work for two years, and Gates even told that he had more people working on Macintosh than Jobs did. However, it seemed that they became enemies after the first Windows was released in 1985. Jobs even accused Bill Gates of stealing his original ideas and concepts. Sure, the majority find them competitors who still respected each other. And it was Bill Gates’ letter which Jobs kept near his bed when he was dying.

    So, you can see that there are several important things to write about Steve Jobs in your school or college papers. You can read several books and articles about this person to discover even more interesting facts and refer to these sources while working on your essay. But you should be very careful and check the things you find on the Net in order not to write nonsense.

    In addition, it could be a good idea to add your personal thoughts about this person. Despite being a genius, Steve Jobs is still a controversial man and not everyone appreciates his approaches and position. So, your opinion matters as well. Actually, the whole article should be based to it. It is essential to show if you appreciate or dislike him.

    In the next post, we will present some fascinating facts about Mark Zuckerberg.

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