• The Gender: Basic Step to Diversity

    Many Humans

    This descriptive essay is supposed to give the main suggestions on what we call the gender and why it causes so many social problems. The talk will also be about issues, which are called sexism, and how to overcome them. The historical aspect will describe the male and female rights, which faced the development throughout the centuries.

    This writing is based on our previous publication, which slightly touched the topic of cultural diversity. So, let us try to explore the theme of physical diversity of humans, the theme of mix gender society and issues, which are caused by transgender people.

    The Gender as Social Phenomenon

    If there were no diversity, the living would be very boring. We can discover the life fully only comparing it to some other forms of existence. Even from the childhood, we are used to comparing the behavior of male and female teenagers and find similarity.

    If to mean the gender in the sense of mirror, people always try to find the image in others. Even people of different genders have many similar points in appearance and character. This unites people in the society and at the same time differs them. On this wave of similar and opposite sides, the humanity keeps alive.

    Historical Background

    People tried to find the appropriate behavior for men and women at any age. For example, in the Medieval period and even longer, the education was separated for males and females. Such process made a positive influence on their grades and even general outlook. Also, the right attitude to the opposite gender was formed. An interesting fact is that the government of the European countries wants to involve such idea in the current education process. The tendencies of improving the future are in tight connection with the past.

    Being Out Of Society

    Besides, the women did not have full rights practically until the 18th century. They were considered to be mothers, householders, and wives but not individuals. Females even did not have a right to vote in elections. If to talk about the European countries, in Austria-Hungary, there was a rule of three “K” for women. It consisted of “Kuchen, Kindern, Kirche.” It means “Kitchen, Kids, and Church.”

    Fighting for Rights

    In the past times, women organized strikes and demonstration against the right policy. Firstly, it was to attract attention to this social issue. Secondly, to show all unrespect the women were facing in the everyday life.

    The thing is they were even paid less than men on fabrics and other workplaces. That is why in the period of the First World War, there was a group of women in England, who were called suffragettes. They organized social strikes and even local sabotage, such as lifting and other small household harm.

    Suffragettes Movement

    The Current State of Things

    Nowadays, there are some countries of Eastern Islamic world, where women are still left the main living rights. It is unbelievable that in some countries they are not allowed even to drive a car.

    Currently, many volunteering organizations are trying to find the ways to help the Islamic women to have some more freedom in their life. However, who said they are suffering? They feel comfortable having such traditional outlook. The reason lies in their upbringing because they do not know another way of life. They have never experienced it. So far, they cannot want something else they do not know about. This issue requires additional thinking, and maybe even arguing. The society has to define clearly all arguments after and against.

    The Gender: Myth and Reality

    It is declared women have the same rights as men in the modern society. However, there are many examples, which prove the opposite opinion. For instance, there are only several occasions, when women obtained the highest working positions in the international companies.

    Probably the best example is found in Spain, where the lady is a Minister of Army. The most unexpectable moment is she was pregnant when getting the position.

    Another side of a coin

    Nevertheless, the reality is unfair to females sometimes. Women are frequently refused in their job applies.

    Reality gives its own rules to women who should wear the special clothes in Islamic countries, which is called hijab. It influences their freedom in a negative way. They also feel the lack of educational opportunities in their own countries or abroad because of their sex and origin.

    Women in Hijab


    As the predictable reaction to all that injustice, feminism appeared. It is also called the movement of free females. Sometimes, they are showing their ideas open but they mention those measures are needed.

    For example, feminists are supporting the women’ rights by public breastfeeding. They want this process to be no more intimate. It is a loud challenge as a reaction to the lack of freedom they have been experiencing for years.

    Also, feminists want to have a society without men as dominates. Their ideas are world-spread, so the organization provides its members with support around the globe.

    Gender Issues: Family Aspect

    It is good people are aware of gender problem around the globe, but it is also necessary to know about it in particular. Family as the main part of society faces difficulties in communication between the genders. It means people in couple or family cannot find the right words to express their opinion sometimes. The results can be very bad.

    Miscommunication influences more significant problems inside the family. Many women suffer from family violence around the globe. If the male uses force to explain the problems, it is called violence. If his attitude toward a woman is rude, it is called violence.

    Negative Influence

    Besides, there are occasions, when children face the family violence from the very beginning. The negative impact can be shown in two ways. Firstly, if the violence is committed to a kid. It affects physical and mental health. Secondly, if the child spectates the home violence. Since in childhood we receive the biggest part of the information from parents’ behavior, it can be dangerous. In future, a person will consider using violence as a form of communication to be normal.

    There is a chance to show the personal problems in the more private form to others. The one will need just to put a black dot on the inside part of a hand. This sign is used to warn other people about the intimate topic of home violence. It happens a person cannot speak about it aloud. It sounds very scary when a person prefers silence to personal freedom and security.

    The Phenomenon of Transgender

    Everyone who watched the Eurovision 2015 was much impressed. The reason was one person among competitors. His appearance amazed the audience completely. Nowadays, his name is known around the whole world.

    However, he was judged not by appearance but by the unique voice. His talent won the greatest prize.

    We can meet such people every day, but we should certainly remember it was their personal choice. Showing respect to it is also showing the respect to oneself.

    To sum up, if we want to achieve the life’s values, we have to evaluate people not by the outward differences but by their mind state. Only that way of living is appropriate in the modern world.

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