• Think green, or How You Can Help Our Planet

    It is an open secret that our little green planet is becoming worse with every day and turns into a brown planet, in fact. The matter is that people think only about their preferences and desires. But they do not even think about our nature that made the possibility of us being alive a reality. It is our nature that created us and gave all necessary stuff for our surviving. That is why we have to be thankful for everything we have.

    Planet Earth

    Think about how your life and your ancestor’s lives differ: they did not have a college to go to and they did not have cars or Internet, which are the technological and historical blessings. But what they did have was linking to the nature, feeling a part of it, and this is what modern people missed.

    The image is clear. Factories release chemically dangerous substances into the rivers, people test radioactive guns and bombs, and, all in all, soon our planet might look like one big garbage ball. It goes without saying that trees are being cut down and rare animals die because of the desire of paunchy little men with millions in the world’s most prestigious banks. It is obvious that we are not able to stop global environmental problems, but we can do something small and pleasant for the nature. In this article you will read about some pieces of advice and ways you can help our little wounded planet.

    Change Your Light Bulb

    High-voltage light bulbs require a lot of energy our nature produces. That way, people ruin its ecosystems by building enormous power stations. What is good, there is an alternative to these high-voltage light bulbs. Scientists invented energy-efficient ones, which not only save the planet’s resources, but also your money. You see, these light bulbs do not cost much; they are even cheaper than high-voltage ones.

    So, why not make some changes and buy some energy-efficient light bulbs? Be sure, that if every family in the world begins to use this kind of “good” light bulbs, our planet will become a better place. In case you do not like the color or brightness of light your energy-efficient light bulb produces, you can screw one somewhere you do not go often, namely, a toilet, a balcony, a pantry, etc.

    Turn off All Electronic Tools During Nighttime

    If you leave your laptop in a sleep mode, you waste nearly 40 kilowatts in one night. So, why not to switch off your devices including computers, the Internet router, or chargers? That will definitely save planet resources! If you do not like waiting for your computer to turn on, you can prepare a breakfast or brush your teeth during that period of time. Take care of nature; turn off everything when it is nighttime.

    Person Sleeping

    Use Both Sides of a Paper

    Our forests suffer from cutting down because of our needs. Consequently, people use only one side of a paper sheet and, in most cases, throw it out after using. That way you waste our precious trees that produce oxygen. For a minute, it is our health and surviving. However, you can easily help our planet. Turn paper with one printed side and use it for notes or as a list of products you should buy. You can also print text on both sides of a paper. It does not take much time to set duplex on your printer. This action will save not only one square meter of your flat, but also your earnings, as it is an economical motion.

    Switch Off the Light

    When you leave your room, always turn off the light. If you do not need the light in a room, why would you let it shine? Turning off the light saves nearly 75 kilowatts, what is crucial for the environment. Agree that it is not a difficult task to press on a switch more times that you used to earlier. It is a small thing for you, but a big one for the nature.

    Recycle Newspapers

    Statistic says, that nearly 10 million newspapers are published daily in the whole world, despite the widely used online new sources. 70% of these newspapers are thrown away, what causes deforestation. But if your family recycles unnecessary daily newspapers, you will save at least one square kilometer in a year. Amazing number, yes? So take some measures and think about your surroundings.

    Plant a Tree

    In case trees are the lights of the world, it is important to increase the amount of annually planted trees. Look, trees are good not only for the air we breathe but also for the earth we are walking on. You will spend 1 hour planting a tree, but the use you will have is priceless. It is also valid for your purse, because if you sell the area with a tree or a garden, it can be more expensive than without any. So why not to use this brilliant chance? You can create a family tradition like planting at least one tree in one year. The amount of planted trees will depend on the amount of people who live with you. This will not only be useful for the nature, but it will also strengthen relations between you and your family members.


    Keep Your Car in a Good Working Order

    This will not only save the work-time of your automobile, but will reduce the level of environment pollution. Do you want to live in a dumpy world breathing carbon dioxide that is harmful for our health? Of course, the answer is no. Take care about the state of your car.

    Re-use Plastic Bags

    Everybody is usually saving food in plastic bags. After using them, people just throw them out without thinking about consequences. The matter is that scientists state a terrifying fact. You see, it takes 100 years for plastic to break down! So after using one, wash it and keep for another using. Agree that it takes 2 minutes to wash a plastic bag. That way, you can save the planet and save some cash.

    Reach Destinations by Feet

    As it was said earlier, cars pollute the air. We see it as a reason to walk more often. You can go to the supermarket or walk towards your house after a long working day. Relax for a while and breathe in some fresh air. It is also useful for your health, as you breathe more oxygen during this little walk and your brains have more energy to work productively.

    Your body will not also suffer from overweighting. Moreover, it will be interesting for you as you will change the surrounding. It is a good idea to ride a bike, but do not ride to your work if the image matters. You will look slovenly. However, this kind of transport is perfect for an evening rest with other family members.


    Actually, it is not the end of the list. You can do much more for the nature if you pay online without taking checks, use online tickets and so on. You see, there are a lot of ways of helping our planet. You have to only find a desire to save the Earth for future generations. Hopefully, this article was a source of inspiration for you. Use these pieces of advice and have a clear conscious when it comes to our nature.

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