• How to Write your Essay Easy: Life Hacks

    Notebook with Blank Pages

    The process of writing any paper is an extremely useful thing because it allows the author to learn how to formulate thoughts in a clear and precise manner, to use the basic concepts, to structure the information, to identify some causal relationships, to illustrate the experience with the relevant examples, and to give reasons for their conclusions.

    Before starting your work with the text, you have to think carefully about the subject of the topic and to formulate the principal ideas of the text. Formulating an idea, meaning the key points, helps us to get rid of the redundant and useless information in the text and allows you not to lose track and write off the topic during your work.

    The first thing that you must understand is the following: in an essay everything is possible.

    Creativity Time

    Are you sick of the academic norms of writing the tasks? Do you look for a place to let your creativity shine? An essay is what thing you were looking for. This type of task lets you express everything that is in your mind and soul.

    Bunch of Flowers


    First of all, do not forget about the set rules of writing. Yes, an essay is a kind of a text where you are able to express your feelings and conceptions freely (if they fit your topic, of course). But as everything in our life, the essay has its own structure. It is created in order to organize our thoughts in a right way and to make the text accessible for the reader.

    It is not a secret that all of us have a swarm of different ideas in our heads and it is really hard to force them to work on your side. If you follow the rules of the structure, you will successfully fix up all your ideas in such an order that the text will sound great.


    Do not be afraid of the rules. They are extremely simple. What is more, some creative teachers have actually a short list of requests and sometimes there are basically none, in other words, you are eligible to write and to use everything that is inside your head. But in such case, the basic principles of common sense begin working. So, here are the main things to remember.


    The essay is a demonstration of your worldview. If you do not want your paper to fail flowing logically, you should follow the traditional way of text composition (introduction, main part, ending). Of course, there are possible exceptions, for example, you suddenly decided to use the unique style of writing. Why not? You are entitled to do what you want.


    Both the content and the style of your essay should be clearly chosen and, of course, it should correspond to the topic of the essay. It ought to depend on the specific task, the topic, and the goals. Usually, the essay as a form of control is used in humanitarian disciplines, in order to test the presence of non-standard and analytical thinking.


    Indeed, the theme of plagiarism is nowadays broadly discussed. So, it is not a secret that to use plagiarism as an easy way out is not to respect yourself. Do you really not have your own point of view? Moreover, in comparison to the other written tasks, the volume of the essay is not so huge in order to use plagiarism to add missing content.


    It will be silly not to take the advantages of any sources. References to the leaders’ opinions or quotations will automatically add weight to your essay and will show that you are an intelligent person. However, make sure to format each phrase as a quotation, and indicate all sources used in the reference list.

    How to Gather Thoughts Together?

    Having enough time to plan in advance and divide the work into small obstacles to conquer will both fascinate you and the result of the work will be perfect. Divide your work into some parts and according to a number of days you have. Firstly, carefully read your topic that is suggested for the essay. Then, think about it and try to write down all associations or facts that fall into your head. You can also divide this part for the longer period.

    When you have a spare minute or you are doing the routine job and your thoughts are flying somewhere, just try to use this time fruitfully. In order not to lose a new idea, always carry a tiny notebook to write your ideas. You can also use your handy, just download a special application. Agree that it is more comfortable to use a handy instead to the notebook, at least it takes less efforts to never forget it.

    However, some of us are used to old-fashioned methods of noting something. It is understandable, as tastes differ. So, why not? Use whatever you want! The main thing here is the presence of thoughts.

    After this, postpone working on the document. Try to forget about the essay for several days. But this is not the end, of course, you must continue to read some literature that concern to your topic or watch videos. Who knows, probably some new thoughts will visit you during the process.

    Writing Process

    When you have enough materials to work with, you can begin creating your masterpiece. Read all your notes and other materials you have already prepared for this essay. Throw away the one that you think now is inappropriate. After this, organize them.

    Think over which one will be perfect to start with, which one will better support the previous point and then you have to decide which one will serve you as a conclusion. So, now you are ready to create. Take your computer or a sheet of paper (old-school, remember?) and start getting your thoughts together.

    Last Stage

    When you complete the work, postpone it at least for one day. Let your brain get fresher after this. Watch a movie or read a new book, in other words, do something that will distract your mind from the essay. And then, read it through it one more time. Who knows, maybe, you will find mistakes or get an idea on how to improve the paper in any other way. There is one more method how you can check up your text. You can ask for a help of a person who is an authority for you. He could make some requests or give you a new approach to grasping the topic better.

    Asking for Help

    Make a Special Essay

    Everything depends on you. If you want to create a masterpiece, you will do this. All you need is motivation, desire, and time. Think how you can impress your teacher. Use something extraordinary. For example, write a few poetic lines or add a joke. Humor is appropriate, of course, if the topic of the work allows to use it.

    Now you are ready to create your essay. If you need more information or inspiration, look for it here.

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